Various Types of Access Equipment and Their Uses

For those who need it or are just plain curious, there are various types of access equipment available that you could buy or rent if you would be using it for a short time only. Access equipment is called as such because they provide access so workers could safely work at a height.

Boom lifts, scissor lifts and MEWPs are the most commonly used access equipment, their uses and practical applications. They mostly serve the same purpose but their specification mainly sets them apart.

Boom Lifts

Boom lifts have a platform or bucket with a long crane operated with a hydraulic lift system. There are boom lifts that could also be mounted on heavy vehicles such as vans or trucks to give this type of lift mobility. Boom lifts are used in various industries and sectors. It could be used in the tourism industry, particularly in ski lodges to transport skiers who wanted to use the ski slope.

It is also used in the entertainment industry for fixing large lights hanging above. Fire fighters also use boom lifts to extinguish fires in high rise buildings. And of course in the construction and maintenance sector for electrical and cable repairs, painting, etc. If you are in need of one, there are numerous access equipment hire Brisbane and in other areas across Australia.

Scissor Lifts

Functions, purposes and practical applications of scissor lifts are the same as boom lifts. They are called as such because when fully extended to its height, it looks like a giant pair of scissors. When they are being used, they also resemble the open and close mention of scissor blades. Scissor lifts are used in churches and schools to hang banners and change signs.

Hospitals and libraries also use them to access utilities cables and wires and for hard to reach busted lights in need of replacement. Scissor lifts are also used for delivery, shipment and in the logistics industry. Retail workers often find themselves using scissor lifts as well for hard to reach shelves to display their products, to restock and to do inventories.


MEWPs or Mobile Elevating Work Platforms are used to move people, tools and equipment to heights and could access restricted spaces as opposed to boom lifts and or scissor lifts. Since they are mobile, they are used in various industry sectors, on and off site. They are very compact, lightweight and cost effective which is why they are preferred by many business owners. Gardeners and landscape architects use MEWPs for tree care.

Before you hire any access equipment, make sure first that you are sure of how they would be used so you could get the most appropriate equipment for whatever purpose it may serve you. Access equipment is machinery and you should know how to operate them before using to avoid any untoward incidents. If you are not at all confident or you feel you would screw up, better to ask someone more capable and knowledgeable in using these machines instead of trying to figure them out.

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