Tips for Safely Using Access Equipment

Access equipment are used to reach elevated points or hard to reach areas at a worksite. These machines may make life easier for construction project workers, but they also pose safety hazards. Therefore, ensuring safe use of access equipment is absolutely essential. Here are several things you can do as a company or a project manager to safely use access equipment:

Use the Safest Machine for the Job

When it comes to access and lifting equipment, there is a wide vary of choices available to construction worksites. Access machines may vary in how safe they might be to use. As there are several options often for the same job, choose the safest machine to use each time. Some lifting machines are inherently safer than others. Instead of considering other factors, always go for the machine that is the least dangerous to use.

Buy Essential Safety Beacons

Access machines must have LED flashing beacon lights for safety purposes. These lights indicate whether the machine is in use or not. Workers from above the machine will rely on this light to know whether the machine is operational. Construction worksites are noisy, so workers in helmets may not hear a machine at work. But everyone can see a flashing light. Invest in the right type of beacons to safeguard your worksite in the most optimal manner.

Employees Should Wear Protective Gear

It’s a given that workers at dangerous sites wear protective gear when at work. It’s also a legal requirement. But as project managers or companies, it will be your responsibility to ensure that all the necessary precautions have been taken to protect employees from harm. This may go beyond just buying mandatory hardhats and safety goggles for the workers. You may need to evaluate the whether your workers should be in such a dangerous position in the first place. Take all the steps necessary to prevent falls.

Avoid Ladders if Possible

Ladders are technically a type of access equipment. However, it’s recommended to avoid using ladders because chances of a fall are quite high. Use a different type of lifting machine that puts workers at less risk. It’s best if a machine can do the lifting instead of relying heavily on a human worker to physically reach the heights. Try to use a machine that can be operated safely prom below to lift risk off the shoulders of workers.

Routinely Inspect the Machines for Defects

Access equipment must be maintained on a scheduled basis. Routine check-ups are highly recommended to check the machines for defects. Even a small problem can exacerbate at a worksite. Therefore, don’t neglect to fix problems with machines. Proper maintenance such as oiling will protect workers.  Make it the responsibility of a separate department or a manager to keep the access equipment well maintained and ready to go any time.

Lastly, workers who operate the machinery must have the right type of licensing or training to do so. You can avoid accidents involving access machines by demanding enforcement of safety regulations. Access equipment can be dangerous. Therefore, it’s very important to follow the above safety tips for optimal performance.

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