Things to Consider When Buying Cordless Tools

Cordless tools can indeed make huge tasks easier and faster to accomplish. But, this may not be true at all times. This is because it also depends on the kind of power tool that you are using. Some power tools are true to their word, that is, they have powerful performance. But, others are not that powerful as you expected them to be. But how do you choose a truly powerful cordless tool? Check out the following tips:

Your Needs

If you think you need power tools to be able to finish an occasional task of making home furniture, then you will do just fine with buying a piece of power tool that operates on NiCad batteries. But, if you will be using these power tools on a regular basis because it is part of your occupation, you might as well opt for the ones that run on Li-ion batteries. This is to ensure maximum performance without jeopardizing the finished product.

The Volts

Power tools operating on higher volts would mean greater power too. It is also tantamount to more torque if you choose driving screws and mitre sawing tools. Higher volts also mean faster speed when you’re sanding and jigsawing. But, if you are not highly-skilled it is best to settle for a tool that only has 18-volts. This would enough to let you finish tasks such as deck building and framing. Remember that a powerful tool would be useless if you are not skilled at handling it.

The Add-Ons

Some manufacturing companies sell their tools with or without batteries. So, if you previously purchased a power tool that needs exactly the same batteries, then buying something that has batteries included would be a wise decision. This is because the majority of tools that can be bought these days would allow its users to use the same batteries but only for that tool with the same platform. Aside from batteries, check for other accessories that are included in the kit. If you think you will be able to use it with your cordless power tools and use it for a longer period of time, then buying the whole kit would be a wise decision.

Brushless Motors

The latest models of power tools these days have brushless motors. This makes the tool capable of reducing friction. This can greatly prolong its usage time especially when the battery is charged. Moreover, its power output is also expected to increase. These brushless tools are also pricier than their counterparts. But, who knows? You could get a better deal for your power tool and be able to buy a brushless one at a lower price.

Having a cordless power tool not only spells convenience. You can use it anywhere you want and need to. You do not have to look for a place where there is an electrical outlet for you to plug it in. Besides, you will also be spared from the hassle of bringing an extension cord. This way, you can work anywhere you think is most comfortable for you.

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