Four Types of Tyres Available in the Market Today

Are you a vehicle maniac or are you hoping to upgrade your vehicle? Here are some tyres that are now widely available. It will educate the curious and the serious, one who is simply determined to be updated about trends and products and also one who is looking for options to enhance the look or functionality of a vehicle.  Here are four types of tyres that you may or may not be aware of.

Eco Car Tyres

If you are hoping to go green in every possible aspect of your life, here’s a way to do it with your vehicle! Choose tyres that are environmental- friendly. High performance is guaranteed with fuel efficiency. In addition, there is improved handling and better rolling resistance. Fewer pollutants are emitted into the environment. If you are only focused on energy efficiency and a set of tyres that will cause minimum impact to the environment, this may be the best choice.

Car Tyres that Enhance Performance

These tyres are ideal for sporting cars and luxury vehicles.  In addition to assuring a silky smooth drive, it also provides specific handling and braking. There is better grip on slippery roads, with utmost safety for you to travel, with excellent mileage. Other significant features include low noise, on road balance, extra and solid grip and responsive steering in addition to its availability in several dynamic designs. Both functionality and appearance are coupled in a single type of tyres. If your checklist consists of the above factors, look for such tyres.


If prestige matters more than any other factor to you, here’s what you need. Choose tyres with different front and rear designs. There’s speed rating that enables stable durability and running performance. There’s also high-speed stability by 3D clocks (C Cut 3D) and a high stiffness advanced belt package. You are also benefitted by optimized ‘all season’ performance. Safety is ensured by its inbuilt mechanisms to efficiently evacuate water to maximize the wet grip.  You can now enjoy a smooth drive with low levels of vibrations that enhance riding comfort.

Touring Car Tyres

With an optimum tread rib width that provides even wear for the tyre, this type is ideal for touring. The advanced belt package also improves durability. Since touring vehicles are exposed to varied external factors and environments, these tyres provide maximum protection from them. Such factors will also reduce maintenance costs. Specialized groove functions are available and help to create a perfect combination of steer response, ease and amplified mileage. What more than Multi-siped, four circumferential groove trend designs that ensure best water removal? Such tyres are also characteristic of “Cornering Lag Technology” which rises routing response short of losing drive ease.

No matter what your need is, tyre specials Perth can provide you with some of the best and appropriate solutions available.

On your part, all you have to do is to choose the right person who has enough experience in the field and one who can offer you multiple options from a wide range of products.

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