5 Things You Can Do To Save Energy in Your Home

With pollution and greenhouse gas emissions still on the rise, it’s high time that we become proactive about saving energy. We need to be concerned about the negative impact that we as humans are having on the earth with our wasteful behaviour, especially since this is the only home we have right now. If we don’t act now, we’ll be leaving behind a desolate, barren wasteland instead of a healthy planet for our kids.

Energy saving isn’t just great for the planet, it’s also good for our health and our wallets. While there are bigger activities we can engage in to save energy, we recommend starting with your own home. There are many small adjustments we can make, in terms of using alternative products and rectifying our behaviour, which can really bring about a difference.

Use LED Bulbs

Incandescent bulbs are still widely used in homes and this may be the case in yours as well. While they do provide quality lighting, the fact remains that incandescent bulbs are highly inefficient. They use up too much power and emit a lot of heat, which is both wasteful. Hence, it is a good idea to switch to the much more efficient LED bulbs in your homes. While it might be costly to replace all of your lights, you will save money in the long run as you continue to pay less in terms of utility bills.

Install Solar Panels

You wouldn’t need to save energy if it came from a clean and renewable source. Increasingly, people having solar panels installed in their house and for good reason. This way you can lower your dependency on electricity generated from fossil fuels while saving huge amounts of money on power bills each month. Hence, if you’re convinced, we recommend contacting the best local supplier of solar power Brisbane has to offer as soon as possible.

While it requires a bit of an investment to purchase and have the panels installed, you have to think big picture. In just a couple of years, you will have recouped your investment after paying little to nothing to power companies each month.

Cover up Leaks and Drafts

It takes a lot of energy to keep your home at optimal temperatures especially during the warmer and colder seasons. It takes even more energy if air is allowed to move in and out of the house through leaks and drafts. Therefore in order to limit the energy expenditure, you could try things like covering up unused mail slots or installing weather stripping on doors.

Turn off Power When You’re Not Using It

A lot of energy goes to waste when we keep the lights on in a room when we’re not present or keep an appliance like the TV or electric fan turned on when no one is using it. Therefore by rectifying this behaviour we can save a lot of energy each and every day.

Hang Out Clothes to Dry

If it’s a sunny day why not hang your clothes out in a line instead of using a dryer? You’ll end up saving so much in terms of energy and money.

And there you have it – five ways to save energy in your own home!

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